Monday Moment: There’s Always a Plan B

I actually love Monday (maybe in part–large part–because I am now retired).

And this Monday was special–ocean studies art day at my grandtwins’ school here in Savannah.

Madison’s rainbow tail fish

It was also the day grandtwin Madison lost her first tooth … at school.  The teacher put the tooth in a little necklace pouch.

See the necklace?  Well, lo and behold, at recess, Madison quickly lost the tooth on the playground.  Of course.

WHAT ABOUT THE TOOTH FAIRY?!  How will she know what to do?!

But there’s always a Plan B.

During game time at the ocean art day, the twins busily (and ultimately successfully) searched in the sand for sharks’ teeth.

Madison found one!  (Well, technically so did Matthew and every other kid.)  But Madison NEEDED that shark tooth.  It promptly went into the necklace pouch, to be safeguarded till the pillow episode tonight.

See?  There’s always a Plan B.  It’s just that sometimes you have to dig around a bit to find it.

And Happy Plan B-ing.