The View from Behind Unicorns

The thing I really like about unicorns is that they are just so real.  Especially in spirit.

See?  That’s real, right?

Sometimes “mythological” is so much more real than “reality-ogical,”  i.e, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” FOX, CNN or any other news channel, etc.

For further example, here’s a story from the UK about hiring unicorns for bday parties: Rent Me!

I would so rent one!  Wouldn’t you?

Adjectives often associated with unicorns (as opposed to, say, Trump or Pelosi):

  • gallant
  • graceful
  • joyful
  • beautiful
  • heraldic
  • vivacious
  • peaceable
  • iridescent
  • magical
  • magnificent
  • precious

Unicorns have specific focus.  Duh … “uni.”  And their focus?  Simple:  BELIEF IN A GREATER REALTY, A REALITY OF IMAGINATION AND PURE JOY.

I urge you to get behind the Unicorn Movement and believe in something real:  imagination, possibility, humor, fantasia, hope, fun, happiness, health, unity of focus and intent.

But be careful, Trump and Pelosi, unicorns mean business.

… I will cut into your monotheistic view of life.  There’s SO MUCH MORE.

(Robert and I in front of a real unicorn in Atlanta a while back.)

Have you seen them?  The unicorns?

If so, what did they say to you?





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