Bodacious Bathrobe Brunch

One of the many joys of living downtown in Savannah’s beautiful Landmark Historic District is the vibrancy of neighborhood.  The fun, fun, fun social connections of post-modern urban living.  Folks are flooding back into our country’s urban cores for an old, but new way of living.  The excitement of all that the inner city can offer plus neighbors who relate.

Robert and I live on Washington Square, the northeastern-most of Savannah’s 22 squares, a couple of blocks from the Savannah River and one of the busiest ports in America.  Georgia founder James Edward Oglethorpe laid out Savannah in a simple grid system, which makes for easy neighboring.  Our square, for example, every Friday evening beckons area residents (and anybody else who meanders though) to join us for “Fancy Friday,” which now-a-days isn’t fancy at all but brings together neighbors with their children, dogs, drinks and hors d’oeuvres to chit chat and relate before moving on to other evening activities.

And this past Sunday morning was our annual Washington Square Bathrobe Brunch.  The event, revived from years ago when a resident would sit on a bench in Washington Square and conduct business from his phone in his bathrobe, saw over 50 folks in robes and pj’s coming together for fun and food.

I hope you have Good Neighbors!

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