The Princess CAN!

Recently lollygagging through E. Shaver, Bookseller, one of my favorite bookstores on the planet (and just a few blocks from me here in historic district Savannah), I happened upon this little volume:

Yes!  Of course, she can.  And does.  She has throughout history, no matter what “official” HIS-story books and Disney say.

There’s a HER-story out there.  The princess is tough.

Mess with her at your own peril.

I’m the father of two such strong and beautiful princesses, Amy and Emily.

They have taught me over the years about abiding love, ongoing fun and resiliency.

Other powerful princesses in my life include former wife/current best friend Donna, who taught (and continues to teach) that true care and love continues and grows and gives throughout the decades.

Grandtwin Madison, who even at five has her own Madisony way of looking at the world and determining what is right for her.

So, make no mistake about it, the prince may be cute and wear fancy clothes, but the princess does not HAVE to have him.

The princess can save herself.

Who are the powerful princesses in your life?


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