“The View from Behind”: New Category Introduction

I’d like to introduce “The View from Behind,” a new category for my blog.  For some strange reason (probably needing years of weekly, intensive, emotionally gut-wrenching therapy to understand completely), I have always liked to stand BEHIND things and have my picture taken.

One of the advantages of the view from behind is that of perspective.  For example, during my almost thirty plus years as a college English professor (I started when I was twelve), I was consistently up front–and basically in charge, even when I stood in the back of the room.  Voluntarily getting truly behind, however, often decreases “in charge-ness.”  From there in the back, one can embrace littleness, revel in it even.  Eons ago, my daughters Amy and Emily referred to the rear of our mini-van (yes, we had one) as the “way back.”

From behind, things can seem bigger and more focused to our eyes (or at least differently focused) while for the observer, we might fade or move out of focus a bit.

When I am behind, I sometimes forget about time.  Behind-ness invites its followers to realize that strict adherence to time’s demands can leave us little time to play.

When I am not up front, I feel I can breathe more deeply, can sort of hide a bit, can play hide-and-seek, can angle around.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just shy.  At any rate, I’m starting this new category, so join me soon as we look at The View from Behind.

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