Sunday Evening Glance: The Cross

Wooden cross at St. Mary, Georgia’s tiny and beautiful Catholic church.

The concept of sacrifice is present, of course, in all religions and morality systems.  Whether we adhere to a particular faith community or simply believe in doing good, isn’t true selfless joy dependent upon our willingness to sacrifice something?  Our time, our help, our money, our encouragement, our energy, our willingness to be wrong, our lives?

Living Cross outside my church, Asbury Memorial, this morning.

For me, the costly joy of the cross resonates most powerfully when I think about how many people sacrificed something in order to help me make it.  (See my previous post, “Never Enough.”)

I remember, for example, when as a senior in high school, I had a ridiculously preventable, awful accident and lost part of my right hand index finger.

This was way back in 19#(&$.  (Sorry, my computer glitched a bit there.)

I know, that’s not a pretty picture.

Today, the digit could probably be sewn back on in many cases, but not back in 19*%@.  But my dad asked my surgeon if there was any way he could donate his finger for me.  He could not, but by asking, he did.

The power of sacrifice, the power of the cross.

As a member of the Christian faith community, I am thankful for Jesus.

Happiest of Easter Evenings 2018, whatever your belief.



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