Sunday Night Glance — “Loss (?) of Focus”

For this new blog category, “Sunday Night Glance,” I’d like to take a moment on Sunday evenings to take a very quick glance at a weekend “something.”

Do you ever feel as if you simply cannot focus?  Maybe it’s my age (a VERY young senior citizenship), but several times this weekend, I have found myself not focusing on anything.  Basically being mentally lazy.  For example, at church this morning, Palm Sunday …

… I dozed off during parts of the sermon.

Here’s my question:  “Do we have to be fully present to be fully present?”  Or sometimes, is it okay (even preferable) to recognize that “checking out” occasionally  from our moment-to-moment, almost technologically-dictated agendas can be a good, even refreshing thing?

Rest is good.  Deep breathing is good.  Checking out momentarily is good.  Not being clearly in focus, even, can be good.

P.S.  Wake me up at 7:45 in the morn please.

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