Welcome Spring!

Is it really Springtime once again?! My favorite season of the year here in Savannah. (Except at the beginning of each of the other three, when they become my favorite.)

(A gloriously resplendent dark pink azalea in Monterey Square, near my home, yesterday.)

Spring put it there!

When she arrived yesterday morning, Spring sauntered up to me and sang, “Say, Neal? Are you ready for me?”

“Yes!” I replied without hesitation. “And I’m ready for my shorts.”

“Uh, I’m not just talking about the change in temperature, you know,” Spring teased as she skipped around me playfully. “Are you ready for me mentally and spiritually.”

Feeling a little embarrassed because I basically wanted her to give me a yellow tulip or a bountiful bough of pink dogwood (spring blossoms are my thang), I sophomorically answered, “I’ve cleaned my closets and cupboards, if that’s what you mean. I’m ready.”

“What about your intentions for newness and change at this new season in your life? Write down five areas of spring change or newness you desire in your life.”

“Okay, but a bit later,” I said as I headed deeper into Springtime in Savannah:

1. Be less quick to judge.

2. Give an anonymous gift to somebody.

3. Listen to the other side without interrupting.

4. Breathe deeply more often.

5. Encourage children to climb higher.

Grandtwin Madison, conquering the monkey bars at Forsyth Park in downtown Savannah. More about her and brother Matthew in later posts.

Happy, Happy Spring!

And I encourage you … make your own Springtime List of Five!

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