“The Powerful Joy and the Joyful Power of Green” — My First (Simple) Post of My New Blog

(English Ivy in an alley near my Savannah Historic District home)

Hello to you all!  I am very Joyful that you are here with me at this moment in time.  I believe that there are really no mistakes in life (an extremely tough position to defend, I realize).

In this, my new blog, I hope to explore various Viewpoints concerning our increasingly complicated lives in the 21st century.  I believe in “Plus/And” thinking, instead of “Either/Or.”  Yes to Multiplicity!  Yes to Poly-Neal-ism (i.e., Neal can embrace and even Accept/Believe various, sometimes seemingly conflicting viewpoints at the same time).  And so can you, well, if you choose to do so.

(Things sometimes look brighter toward the bottom when you think you are looking down.)

In this blog, I will often celebrate the beautiful punctuation mark, the Parentheses (  ), for she invites, she encourages, she makes room for MORE.  She says, “Come on in, y’all!”  (I will use her quite a bit in my posts.)  She is my favorite mark and a kindred spirit.

I encourage you:  Make Room for More in Your Life!  (There is so Much More to make room for.)

I also love playing with Capital Letters.

In this First Post, I would like to very briefly salute Magnificent Green–the color, the symbol, the essence.  Green has always been my favorite color.  I love its message to me:  “Neal, there is always hope for new life.  Always.”

She’s an encourager, that Green.  And she’s healthy.


Today is Friday, March 16, which probably doesn’t mean too much for most people, but here in my hometown of Savannah, Georgia, it’s a HUGE deal.  It’s St. Patrick’s Eve.  (Savannah has the second largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the nation.)

We paint all the fountains green (and there’s a bunch of them).  As I walked by Johnson Square this morning, I saw a rainbow in the green water!  See?  That’s Green telling us that all is well.


And I hope the message of my new blog, Oh, Saye, Can You See? does just that:  suggest (convince?) that, in spite of surface detrimental appearances, All Is Well.  Yes, we have work to do and viewpoints to defend and maintain.

But hope and continued new, healthy life is on the horizon.

I invite you to follow my blog as we try to see that path.

Oh, Saye Can You See?

15 thoughts on ““The Powerful Joy and the Joyful Power of Green” — My First (Simple) Post of My New Blog

  1. Living in Denver, Colorado, when I read your title I thought this would be a post on the benefits of legal marijuana, haha. Oh, how our personal backgrounds can color (no pun intended) our interpretation of things!

    Savannah is a beautiful city, but I’ve never been there for St. Patrick’s Day. It seems like something I would have enjoyed in my younger years, but probably not anymore. Does it get completely crazy?


    1. Ha, Erin! Thanks so much for your INSIGHTFUL comment! I shuda thought about what “green” might mean to various folks. Savannah is incredible. We live in the historic district, two blocks from the Savannah River. I hear the cargo ships coming from all over the world, blowing their maritime bass notes at all hours of the day and night. Come visit soon!


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